The Gamer’s Christmas Season Shopping List

Getting yourself something nice for Christmas is a great way to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done for the year. As a gamer, however, you might have trouble choosing gifts. New gaming products and deals are released every holiday season, so it’s tempting to buy them all.

Fortunately, you don’t have to blow all of your savings to enhance your gaming performance. Narrowing down your Christmas season shopping list to just these four gaming products will be enough to improve your gaming experience.

Gaming Accessories

A lot of gaming accessories look flashy, but they aren’t just for show. These products are designed to make your gaming experience better by delivering a faster, more precise response time or allowing you to communicate with your team more clearly.

For example, gaming keyboards and mice can be configured to match your play style. As a result, you’ll feel more comfortable and effective whether you’re playing an FPS or RTS game. Many gaming headphones, on the other hand, have noise-canceling features and can pick up the faintest sounds in-game. This way, your game sense is heightened, especially when playing online battle royale games.

Gaming accessories aren’t limited to PC players, either. If you’re a console player, you can also get accessories that can help optimize your gaming performance, experience, and safety. For controllers, grips and straps can improve your handle on the controller. These accessories can also prevent damage to the controller by reducing the risk of scratches and dropping accidents. Meanwhile, back button attachments give you additional buttons that you can remap on the fly. This allows you to reconfigure your controls to make them more effective when using video game characters with multiple skills.

A lot of these gaming accessories can be bought from various online marketplaces, so you have a lot of options to choose from. If you’re buying from Lazada, you can supplement your budget with a Lazada loan from Cashalo. Through this method, you can cash up your Lazada Wallet with up to Php 5,000, so you can shop for your gaming stuff now and worry about the payment later.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

As a gamer, sitting and playing games for long hours is part of your lifestyle. That’s why it’s smart to get an ergonomic gaming chair, so you can remain comfortable even after a whole day of gaming. Unlike typical gaming chairs, ergonomic gaming chairs offer better lumbar and shoulder support. They’re also more capable of carrying heavier loads and come with better adjustment options, so you can play your video games in ultimate comfort.

Two things that might make you reconsider getting an ergonomic gaming chair are its price and weight. Nevertheless, investing in the right ergonomic gaming chair will ensure that you won’t feel any body pain after a long and arduous gaming session.

PC Parts

If your gaming PC is having trouble running your games, overheats too quickly, and no longer has enough storage to accommodate your games’ updates, then now’s the perfect time to update some of its parts. You need to make sure that your gaming PC is in tiptop shape to enjoy playing your games, so it’s a good idea to upgrade the following PC parts to ensure a smooth gaming experience:

  • With bigger RAM, your gaming PC will have no problem performing multiple tasks at once.
  • Upgrading your PC’s SSD will speed up boot times and ensure faster data transfers.
  • Graphics Card. Getting a better graphics card will allow you to play your games in a higher video setting without the risk of your frame rate dropping.
  • CPU Fan. If your gaming PC doesn’t have at least one CPU fan, then now’s the best time to install one. With this upgrade, you can blow hot air out of your PC and keep things cool.
  • A new CPU will give your gaming PC the power to complete tasks at a faster rate.

New Video Games

Your Christmas wish list will not be complete without video games. They’re the reason why you’re a gamer, so getting yourself a few titles this festive season is the best way to celebrate your hobby and lifestyle. During the holidays, it’s common for video game companies to release multiple new games. You can also expect video game digital distribution companies to hold massive sales where you can buy a bundle of great games at an affordable price. As a result, you won’t have any trouble adding more physical or digital titles to your gaming library.

There’s no question that the holiday season is a great time to indulge in your gaming lifestyle. With so many video game products and deals being rolled out before the year ends, adding the aforementioned gaming items to your Christmas wish list will definitely make your gamer heart happy without you going over budget.