8 Travel Essentials You Should Invest In

For many, traveling is a wonderful experience. It allows you to see new sights, taste new food, and immerse yourself in a different culture. To make it even more wonderful, it’s a good idea to invest in travel essentials that can make your journey a lot more hassle-free and comfortable.

Here are some must-haves for the best travel experience, from the moment you start packing your bags:

A Couple of Quality Suitcases or a Backpack + Travel Tag

Whether you’re traveling locally or abroad, you’re going to need a suitcase to pack your belongings. Almost everything you need will be put inside—clothes, personal hygiene items, and more—so it’s only logical to buy high-quality ones that can take a beating.

The really good suitcases cost a lot more, but they’re guaranteed to last longer. Their manufacturers also provide great after-sales service, so you get your money’s worth. If you must, you can even avail yourself of Cashalo’s own Buy Now, Pay Later program at partner department stores to choose from different brands that might be slightly above your budget. Ideally, you should get two: one for check-n and one for carry-on. This way, you have options for any kind of travel.

If you’re not much of a suitcase person or if your type of traveling doesn’t require much packing, you can invest instead in a sturdy backpack. Look for ones with padded straps that won’t cut into your shoulders. Other features you may want to include in your backpack checklist are functional pockets, a tough and waterproof outer material, a hip strap, and a padded back.

Finally, make sure to get a durable travel tag. There’s always the possibility of lost luggage and while you don’t want it to happen, it’s best to be prepared. With a travel tag attached to them, your luggage will be easier to find and recover.

Packing Cubes

If you haven’t bought packing cubes yet, this is your sign to get them. Aside from making your suitcase contents more organized, packing cubes can also help you put more items inside (but still, don’t overpack). This way, you can minimize the number of bags you’re bringing with you.

Usually, packing cubes come in sixes. Sometimes all six cubes are different sizes, while some have two of the same size; it all depends on the brand. However, what you really want is a set that comes with a mesh top cover so that you can see the contents without opening it. This way, you can unpack with ease once you reach your destination.

One tip before your purchase packing cubes, though: measure your suitcase first so you can be sure that the cubes can fit inside. You can always squeeze or press down on things, obviously, but it’s best if you can maximize the space inside your suitcase without exerting too much effort. After all, you bought packing cubes to make packing easier, not more difficult.

A Packable Bag

Filipinos as travelers love to shop, especially for pasalubong for friends and loved ones. It’s sweet, sure, but it also means more things to put in your suitcase—and consequently running out of space. If this happens to you often, you might want to bring a collapsible, packable bag that you can put in your suitcase. If you need it, you can bring it out; if not, it can stay in your suitcase.

This bag can be anything you prefer, too. It can be a backpack, a duffel, or even a tote bag. The bottom line is to have something where you can put all your extra purchases that won’t fit in your suitcase.

A Passport Holder

If you’re going abroad, you need to secure your passport and make sure that it’s with you at all times. The best way to do this is to get a passport holder where you can also place all your other travel documents like your IDs, tickets, and bank cards. A passport holder with a lanyard is ideal, so you can access it quickly whenever you need to.

A Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a must-have for travel, whether you’re going by air, land, or sea. Some people prefer an insulated one that can keep beverages cold for hours. However, you might find this type a little too bulky for your tastes. If that’s the case, you can look for collapsible water bottles. This allows you to compress it into a more portable version if you don’t need it.

A Microfiber Towel

Depending on your favorite destinations and places to stay in, it’s a good idea to have a microfiber towel with you. It’s not as essential if you’re going to a hotel (although you may still prefer to use your own towel); for other forms of accommodation, however, it might be better to bring a microfiber towel. What’s great about this type of towel is that they’re thin but VERY absorbent. They also dry quickly, so there’s no issue if you have to pack in a rush.

A Travel Adapter

If you’re visiting a different country, your chargers may not fit into the wall sockets. This doesn’t always happen, especially in hotels which are designed to be as accommodating as possible, but you can’t be too sure. Thus, it’s a good idea to have a travel adapter with you so you can charge your devices without worry.

A Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Last but certainly not least, you need a comfortable pair of shoes for traveling. All the walking you’re going to do, whether in transport terminals or your destination, will surely make your feet ache without proper footwear. Fortunately, there are many styles of comfortable shoes you can choose from. For convenience, choose easy-to-remove ones so you can quickly get through airport checks and similar security measures.


Got everything ready? Safe travels!