5 Hottest Smartphones Coming Out in 2020 And How to Afford Them

Is your phone lagging more than usual? Is it getting slower by the minute? If your phone’s performance can no longer keep up with you, maybe it’s time to say goodbye and get an upgrade. Thankfully, there are many upcoming smartphones in 2020 that will guarantee a mobile experience on a whole new level. Here are some devices you should definitely be on the lookout for.

5 Hottest Smartphones of 2020

  • Samsung Galaxy S11

As the latest phone in Samsung’s Galaxy series, the S11 is expected to take the smartphone market by storm. The S11 comes in three models, namely the Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11+, and Galaxy S11 5G sized at 6.4, 6.7, and 6.9 inches, respectively. The model is powered by Samsung’s new Snapdragon 865 processor and LPDDR5 memory system, which means you can expect the S11 to be 30% faster and 30% more efficient than the S10.

Rumors suggest that the S11 will cost around P45,000 to P94,000, with a release date of February. 

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex

Following the footsteps of big companies like Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi has decided to produce a foldable smartphone of their own. Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex boasts Organic LED (OLED) displays, a  new display technology that gives you better and brighter image quality. This new Xiaomi unit also has a hidden earpiece and a pop-up camera, the ultimate combination of elegance, utility, and convenience. 

As one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year, it will be released sometime between April and June. Rumored to cost around the P35,000 mark, it’s a cheap and high-performing device that can rival Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X. 

  • Nokia 10

Nokia is about to make big steps this year. Sized at 6.4 inches with 1440p resolution, the Nokia 10 offers a better view experience compared to Nokia 9. Equipped with six cameras, it’s also an excellent option for photographers who want to capture the most out of every single moment. The smartphone will be priced around P27,000 and is set for release sometime in January 2020.

  • Huawei P40/P40 Pro

Known for their excellent cameras and sleek design, Huawei is taking things up a notch once again. Other than an improved display, thanks to the Active Matrix Organic LED (AMOLED) display, the Huawei P40 will host awesome features such as wireless charging. According to Huawei’s CEO, the smartphone will be released sometime in March and will cost around the P55,000 mark.

  • iPhone 12 Pro

Even though Apple has just released the iPhone11 back in September, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about the iPhone12. Other than a new metallic frame, an improved display, and a top-of-the-line camera system, Apple is making sure that the iPhone 12 will be the best iPhone ever produced. 

Rumors suggest that Apple is already working on an A14 Bionic chip that will beat the impressive A13 chip of the iPhone 11. It’s due for release sometime in September and is expected to be sold at around P55,000.

How to Afford a New Smartphone

The price tag on these phones may be hefty, but fret not—with the right amount of financial planning, you’ll be able to enjoy these gadgets without breaking the bank. Take note of these things you can do to get a model of your own as soon as possible! 

  • Start Saving Early

If you plan to make an upgrade around June, you’ll need to start saving as early as now. Since generating more income streams may not always be a viable option, trimming down your expenses will be your best bet. 

Considering your electricity, rent, and other necessary bills, you’ll need to practice discipline by monitoring your cash and following a realistic budget plan. To get you started, here are some budgeting techniques guaranteed to help you save more money.

  • Sell Your Old Phone

If your old phone is still in excellent condition, you’re in luck. Instead of letting your previous device gather dust as a backup, try to make some money out of it. You may not be able to sell your unit at the price you bought it, but pawning your old phone is a good way to convert an old device into cash.

Before you make any transaction, research to estimate the true value of your phone, so you can sell it at the highest amount possible. Once your new device arrives, make it a point to use protective cases and tempered glass screens to safeguard it. 

When the time comes that you need to make another upgrade, keeping it in good shape will make it easier for you to sell it in the future.

  • Get a Mobile Plan

Network providers in the country provide mobile plans that come with the latest smartphones. Instead of a full upfront payment, you can enjoy the latest iPhone or Samsung model just by acquiring a postpaid plan. All carriers have different monthly payment options lined up for different budgets, so take the time to examine your choices. 

If you’re currently subscribed to a postpaid plan, you can contact your provider to upgrade to a package that includes the device of your preference.

  • Take Out a Gadget Loan

Thanks to innovations in the credit industry, you can now acquire a phone on installment without a credit card. If you can’t afford to buy a unit at its standard retail price, a gadget loan will allow you to secure your preferred device as soon as possible. Cashalo’s Shop Now Pay Later service is a quick and easy way to acquire a gadget loan at 0% installment.


Elevate Your Mobile Lifestyle Today!

When paying for a new phone or other big expense, the right amount of financial planning will guarantee a smooth and seamless transaction that will not negatively impact your financial health. With these tips at the top of your mind, you’re already a step closer to acquiring your desired model!

In case you need to make an upgrade ASAP, but your savings says otherwise, availing of a gadget loan can be your best solution. Thanks to Cashalo’s easy application and fast loan approval, you’ll be able to get the smartphone you want sooner than you expect. Download our credit app today to get started. 

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