7 Barkada Personalities That Make the Best Travel Companion

Traveling with your friends is one of the most fulfilling things you can experience. As you see new places and discover new things, travel also gives you the opportunity to strengthen your bonds and learn a lot more about each other. 

During a trip, that chill dude in your barkada may suddenly turn into a thrill-seeker, while the artsy chick may have a hidden talent for finding the best destinations to visit. Whether you guys are going abroad or immersing yourselves with the country’s rich local culture, the people you’re traveling with plays a big part in making a trip worthwhile. 

Having a mix of the right characters, personalities, and roles will make an adventure unforgettable. Here are the seven barkada personality types you’ll encounter when you’re traveling. 

The Smart Traveler

Acting as the barkada’s captain, she’s the one that makes sure everything goes according to plan. The smart traveler makes the whole trip easier by making reminders, knowing where to go, and taking good care of everybody. Planning your trip from top to bottom, you’ll never have to worry about your barkada’s whole itinerary!

For your part, make sure that you guys make things easier for the group’s decision-maker, navigator, and mommy. Don’t stress her out and give her a hard time by forgetting important things, not communicating your needs, or being late. 

The Slowpoke 

The one who never wakes up on time, the last one to arrive during a meeting, and the slowest one to move in the group. But even though he’s the smart traveler’s worst nightmare, his sense of humor and fun personality makes him the life of the party.

When it comes to a hot afternoon on the beach or a night out in the city, you can count on this person for some laughs. Paired along with your adventure-seeking friend, the right combination of their humor and excitement will put everyone in a good mood. 

Be warned, though: when it comes to long flights or siesta time, this person can be your worst nightmare. Make sure to tire him out, so he’s also re-energizing himself along with the rest of the group instead of goofing around and disturbing others.

The YOLO Traveler

If your barkada were a car, the YOLO traveler would be the engine. 

Cool and energetic, this person keeps everyone on the move. Whether it’s learning about the place’s culture, trying out exotic street food, or doing fun activities, you can count on this person to satisfy your group’s craving for thrill and excitement. 

Before you head out for the day, eat a heavy breakfast and drink enough coffee to keep up with this active dude’s energy and have a fun time.

The Photographer 

Capturing every single moment, this person is your group’s MVP. Having someone stop you guys every five minutes to take a picture may get annoying, but you’ll thank that person in the future. Other than giving your squad new profile pic options, the resident photographer will provide you with awesome memories to look back on.

Keep in mind that documenting your barkada’s journey isn’t an easy task. If you have a photographer friend who loves taking pictures of everyone, make sure to show your appreciation by taking photos of this person, as well. 

The Tour Guide

If your group loves to visit museums or go around historical sites, then the tour guide should be everyone’s best friend. With a habit of researching everything before a trip, the tour guide has all the answers you need before you could even think of any questions. 

Acting as a living version of Google, having him around means that if you want to know more about a person, place, or event, you have the tour guide who will make sure that you have all the information you need. 

The Foodie 

When it comes to free breakfast buffets or hotel sponsored dinners, this guy’s the first one in and the last one out. By stopping every now and then to snack and constantly reminding you guys that it’s time for lunch, your group’s “palaging gutom” guy will make sure that no one will ever go hungry.

Here’s a pro-tip: Always stick to this guy. Other than having a food trip partner, you may end up saving some money when he’s feeling generous enough to treat. If you guys are implementing a buddy system, calling dibs on him means an adventure for your tummy instantly!

The Social Media Superstar

Two words to describe this person: feed goals. Social media stars have a talent for taking selfies and bringing your Instagram posts to the next level. With the expertise of your group’s photographer, the art direction of the social media star will make sure that all your pictures reach influencer standards.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time redoing pictures, make sure that you do your part by practicing your poses and preparing your outfits ahead of time. 

Nurture Your Friendships Through Travel!

Which of these seven personalities do you fall in? Are you the smart traveler that makes sure everything goes as planned? Or are you the pasaway latecomer that makes life hard for the barkada’s planner? No matter what your role may be, a barkada outing wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s unique presence.

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