12 Do’s and Don’ts When Traveling with Your Beshies

Traveling with your beshies is a dream come true! It’s the best way to bond and create new memories with some of your favorite people on this planet. However, it doesn’t come without cons. While you’re guaranteed to have fun, conflicts may arise due to stress and the unfamiliarity of being in a new place.

Don’t worry! Cashalo is here to remind you of some simple dos and don’ts to help you enjoy your upcoming barkada trip.


Agree on a budget

Are you going to stay in a five-star hotel, exclusive resort or a budget-friendly hostel? What kinds of places will you eat in? Where will you shop, and what do you plan on buying?

These are just some of the questions you can ask your friends when deciding on your budget. Everything, from the activities you sign up for to the restaurants you eat in, will be affected by the overall budget of your trip. Each one of you may have different financial capacities, so compromise on a budget that works for everyone!

Agree on destinations and activities

What does everyone want? Every person in your travel group should have a say in the lineup of activities for your trip. Some people may vote to go on a food trip, some may opt for a photo walk, one could prioritize shopping, and another may suggest drinking and partying all night long. Discuss how you can fit all your travel styles in your itinerary so that all of you are satisfied.

Follow the agreed schedule

For the record, travel itineraries are somewhat challenging to follow. There could be unforeseen events that can bump out an activity from your plans, and that’s totally fine—make the most out of it!

However, try to avoid changing things in the itinerary at the last minute—or worse, once you’re already at your travel destination. It could mess up the following activities planned afterward and affect other members of the barkada. Remember: Let’s be sensitive to others!

Have a shared fund or wallet

To reduce the hassle of frequently reaching into your wallets, agree on a travel fund for shared expenses, such as transportation and admission fees.

Individually set aside money for food, shopping, and emergencies instead. That way, there’s less worrying about the cash and more enjoying the activities you’re about to see!

Compromise on decisions

Whether it’s deciding who gets to use the bathroom first or which place you’re going to see next, always confer with your group. This will avoid misunderstandings and keep your trip drama-free, promise!

Be an #InstagramBeshie

If your friends want to have IG-worthy pictures for their feed, go ahead and support them. Help them frame the perfect shot, choose their backdrop, and tell them how to pose for the camera. Oh, and don’t forget to like their photos once they post it! You’ll realize later on that those photos will commemorate your trip together.



Don’t forget “me time”

Squeeze in a bit of relaxation and quiet time whenever you can during the trip, like listening to your favorite songs on the bus, reading a book, or getting more sleep. You could also try exploring your neighborhood—just make sure you have a means of communication, and let them your friends know that you’re stepping out.

If you’re experienced travelers, you could even opt to go separate ways for a short portion of the day, like when it’s time to shop. Understandably, not all of you will have access to mobile internet for the whole duration of the trip. So, if you’re going separate ways, be sure to agree on a specific time and place to meet. Anything is possible as long as you discuss it with your friends and agree on it!

Don’t lose your cool

Make this your mantra: Keep calm and carry on.

Being with your friends all day is fun—but there are also times when it can get annoying. Inhale, exhale. This, too, shall pass. It’s a normal feeling, so try your best to brush it off. If it’s bothering you a lot, talk to your beshie once you’ve calmed down. Don’t let petty fights ruin the vibe of your trip!

Don’t wander off on your own without telling your friends

Don’t do this unless you’re planning to give your friends a heart attack! Communicating in a foreign land or a place with weak cell reception can easily lead to a friend getting lost. Have a buddy system or simply let your friends know where you’re heading to next—even if it’s just the bathroom!

Don’t bring too many things…and ask your beshie to carry your stuff

This could be a recipe for disaster! In most cases, traveling happens by foot. If you want to bring a lot of things to your tour, evaluate whether or not you can last the whole day with multiple, heavy bags. Don’t rain on your friends’ parade by asking them to hold your stuff or complaining towards the end of the day…unless they placed things inside your bag in the first place.

Don’t throw your beshie under the bus

When traveling, especially on foreign land, you and your pals should have each other’s backs. Defend them, help them out, and always keep each other safe. (Yes, the rule still stands no matter how annoyed you are!)

Don’t rely on your friend for travel essentials

Be a responsible packer. Sharing is caring, but don’t immediately assume that your friends are packing for two (or three, or more!). Align with your friends about your packing list. Make sure you have all the things you need to survive the trip, like enough sets of clothes, medicine, snacks and the like.

Traveling is awesome and having your friends along for the ride can sweeten the trip. Start making your travel plans come to life. If you need extra money to boost your travel budget, Cashalo has affordable travel loans for your dream trip. So, which destination do you want to go to next?