Stop Overspending by Avoiding These Money Traps

Do you find yourself surprised at how quickly your budget is depleted, wondering where it all went? Or maybe you’re just trying to find more ways to save money? Read up on these money traps that you might be falling for, and how you can get around them.

1. Delaying Payments
You should take your time deciding to spend money on things like clothes, gadgets, and the like. But when it comes to loans, utilities, and other essential expenses, don’t wait until the last minute to make the payments! There is a chance you could forget and end up having to pay more in fees and penalties. Repay as soon as you are able. In some cases, this could even earn you rewards.

2. Food and Grocery Delivery
Convenience is definitely hard to beat with services such as these, but even with all the promos you apply, you can still save more money when you shop and make food yourself. The delivery fees can pile up quickly, and you will be surprised to know how much you’ve already spent in a year.

3. Sticking to Big Brands
Just because it’s well-known, does not mean it’s the best. If you really want to save, try out cheaper or generic alternatives to your usual detergent, hygiene products, or even medicines (with proper advise from your doctor).

4. 0% Installments
0% installment promos are everywhere, but not all of them are a good deal. Make sure to check the details of these promos before you sign up for them, to make sure there are no expenses that will surprise you once you need to make the payments. With Cashalo’s 0% installment shopping loan, you are sure to get what’s advertised– 0% interest without any processing fees.