Seat Sale Hacks: How to Score the Cheapest Promo Fares

True or false? You can score roundtrip tickets to Japan for less than P3,500.

The answer is TRUE!

These days, traveling is no longer just a dream—it’s a possibility! The rise of budget airlines has made cheap airfare tickets accessible to the public, encouraging Filipinos to travel the world from local tourist spots to neighboring Asian countries. And of course, there are the highly coveted seat sales!

Admittedly, getting dirt cheap ticket prices can be a bit more difficult to score, but not impossible to achieve. Tickets get snatched quickly, and travelers could be left with not-as-cheap options. That’s why  Cashalo is here to share tips on navigating seat sales.


1. Follow airline accounts on social media

Airlines love releasing teasers of their promos, so make sure to follow them on all of their social media channels! Facebook, in particular, allows users to see posts from specific Pages first. Toggle your settings to always receive an alert every time your favorite airlines are drumming up a sale.

2. Plan and invite friends ahead

Booking a ticket for yourself is a bit more manageable since you only have yourself to look out for. When you have multiple people to book for, though, it’s an entirely different story! To get the whole barkada in on the fun, discuss your travel plans for the following year already.

Airlines usually set promo fares months before the travel period. For instance, Cebu Pacific’s infamous piso fares can let you book trips as early as a year before your intended date of departure. Get the signal from your buddies by deciding on which month you want to take a vacation, how long your trip will be, and a rough estimate of your trip’s budget.

3. Get everyone’s personal information ready

As you’ve probably guessed, you have to be fast when booking seat sales. Get each other’s full names and birthdays, as these are the two basic information needed when booking an airline ticket online. Save those passport numbers for when you check in later!

Reminder: Make sure the first and last name you enter on the booking matches the name on your valid IDs (domestic flights) or passport (international flights), regardless of what your actual full name is. Yes, that also means no nicknames!

4. Create an account with the airline

Create accounts with your preferred airlines as early as now! Some have autofill options while booking, so you don’t have to worry about filling up your details over and over again. Plus, you could earn points in the form of miles or other travel perks, depending on the airline you’re buying tickets from.

By having an account, it’s easier to access your flight information and perform modifications such as rebooking, cancelling, or purchasing add-ons. Plus, since you’ve registered in their system, airlines can send you email notifications of their sales in advance!

5. Book on the first day of the sale

Or the first few hours, to be more accurate! Many people would have been waiting for the same seat sale as you, and they could even be eyeing the same dates. Don’t be discouraged with slow servers—soldier through the web traffic and try finding a great flight that suits your budget as soon as you can!

6. Book while everyone is asleep

While sales pop up at different times, there are some that start at midnight. The influx of people trying to load the website may lead to a slower internet speed than usual. Make sure you have a reliable connection while hunting for deals.

Alternately, you can choose to wait for an hour or two after the promo begins. Just remember to go for odd hours of the day. You’ll have less competition when you book at 2 a.m. versus 9 a.m.

7. Consider buying a one-way ticket

You might find that the departure ticket is cheap while the return tickets are double the price. For that reason, booking roundtrip tickets can bump up the total cost of your flight. Don’t be afraid to snatch up a one-way ticket! Airlines usually release multiple sales in a year covering the same travel periods. You can try booking your return trip on the next sale for a lower cost.

Plus, roundtrip is the default option travelers choose when looking for flights. If you select departure or return routes, your hunt and checkout process will be faster.

8. Pick a less popular destination

This doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the destination of your dreams! If you want to see more of the Philippines’ beautiful beaches, you can opt for Palawan rather than Siargao. El Nido and Coron have unique attractions and activities that will definitely take your breath away! Plus, domestic flights always run cheaper than international ones. Target less popular seasons like July-September to avoid crowds and score lower hotel deals.

In other Asian countries, spring (March-May) and fall (September-November) months are the peak travel seasons because of the more enjoyable weather. Try  visiting during transition periods, like mid-March or early September.


We understand that seat sales can come up at any time without warning, and sometimes, your bank account or credit card may not be ready for it. Thankfully, you can easily apply for travel loans with Cashalo to snap that promo without any worries. Go ahead and plan for your next trip—nothing’s stopping you now! Book now and pay later for your domestic flights worth up to P9,000!

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