7 Travel Blogs That Prove It Actually is More Fun in the Philippines

You don’t need to look far for destinations with scenic sights, natural wonders, or cultural and historical treasures on your travels. The Philippines is blessed with so many beautiful attractions that are sure to satisfy your #TravelGoals. 

Take the time to appreciate what we have in our own backyards. Fortunately, local travel has become easier thanks to budget airlines, discount sites, and even travel loans that allow you to pay for flights in installments even without a credit card. You have no excuse to not hop on a plane to explore the wonders of our own country.

If you’re still unsure, read on and let Filipino travel bloggers convince you.  One look at their blogs is enough to inspire you to pack up your bags and start exploring and experiencing the country like never before.

Here are our top picks for Filipino travel bloggers who prove that it really is more fun in the Philippines. 

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Traveling solo as a woman may seem like a risky feat, especially when it comes to safety. But this blogger proves the naysayers otherwise. The Pinay Solo Backpacker, run by Gael Hilotin, is a veteran in solo backpacking, having visited all 81 provinces in the Philippines, as well as various countries all over the world. Her blog contains helpful tips and tricks to help empower Filipina travelers to start their own journeys.


Also known as Angel Juarez, Lakwatsero is not your usual travel blogger. Working on the weekdays as an IT Analyst, this blogger finds himself as an adventurer, environmental advocate, mountain biker, and hobbyist photographer on the weekends. His blog features both well-known and off-the-beaten-path destinations across the country, with travelogues, travel guides, and scenic photos that are attention-grabbing and compelling. 

Eazy Traveler

Eazy Traveler is the brainchild of Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap. Eazy Traveler combines Zeta-Yap’s passion for travel, writing, and photography. His blog contains personal accounts of exploring popular tourist destinations and lesser-known sites alike. His blog also holds his remarkable stories of treks, scuba dives, and even food trips, alongside his personal experiences in various walking tours in different parts of the Philippines. 


Travel enthusiast and photographer Allan Barredo chose the Hiligaynon word “lantaw” (to view) to convey his blog’s intention and to show his unique view of the places he visits. As an active promoter of Philippine tourism, Lantaw features interesting and unconventional photos of what Allan believes are the uncommon views and destinations in the country, some of which have been awarded and published in major publications.  

Solitary Wanderer

For another blog that empowers Filipinas to travel alone, Solitary Wanderer has much to offer. Aleah Taboclaon’s entries on her often-solo adventures while working as a digital nomad have piqued the interest of many readers, earning viral attention for some of her articles. Additionally, her blog is great for those new to solo traveling, with many helpful guides, reviews, itineraries, and all-around tips. Her posts on local travel are very detailed, allowing you to get a better perspective of both the location and the logistics behind the experience.

Backpacking With a Book

Jona Branzuela Bering’s Backpacking With a Book is part-introspection, part-travelogue. With both local and international trips under her belt, Jona provides a personal perspective to her travels, ranging from places to see and food to eat, to recommended books to read and insights on the reality of constantly traveling. Her blog isn’t afraid to sing praises about the beauty of the Philippines on each visit, as Jona is currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is through her characteristic writing that these destinations are shown in a more “realistic” and meaningful way. 


It’s easy to feel bogged down by the “glamor” that people think traveling should have, down to how picturesque your photos are or how amazing your experience is. Marcos, the blogger behind Detourista, believes in chasing after adventures that are meaningful to you. Through his blog, it’s made clear that the Philippines has countless wonders across its islands waiting to be explored. As part of getting others started on their own travels, the blog itself serves as Marcos’ way of giving back to the people and places that paved the way for his own journey.

For these bloggers, the Philippines is a beautiful place that even locals should take the chance to see. With the richness and variety in local cultures, people, food, and languages, you’re sure to find yourself on a memorable adventure if you know where to look. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking sunrises and mountaintops, colorful marine life, or tasty and filling regional delicacies, these bloggers have probably seen and done it all and will point you in the right direction.

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