5 Underrated Local Destinations You Can Travel to Under 5K Budget

Each time you check your news feed, chances are you’ll see vacation photos shared by your family and friends all over the world. It’s enough to inspire you to have the same experience of being able to travel.

As the number of tourists grows, more and more affordable travel products and services become available, too. In fact, even if you only have a P5,000 budget, you can already fly to various destinations in the country. They may not be high-end travel destinations, but you’ll find that these places are some of the best spots to unwind, because there are fewer crowds of tourists.

Give less-popular attractions a chance and make your travel goals happen so that you can start building memories of your own. Here are five underrated local destinations if your travel budget is P5,000 or less:

  • Tablas, Romblon

Tablas is the largest island in the province of Romblon, where the famous Bon Bon Beach is located. If you love being in the water, Tablas island has got you covered. From man-made pools to lakes and beach resorts, you’ll find them all here. You can go scuba diving and cliff jumping to satisfy your adventurous spirit, too. 

Tablas, RomblonWithin Tablas, you’ll enjoy other noteworthy attractions and activities that cost only a little amount on your budget. The best part is that entrance fees are cheap, ranging from only P10 to P100. Tablas is definitely worth bookmarking for your next trip!

A one-way airfare going to Tablas is as low as P2,500—just make sure to shop for tickets a couple of weeks prior to your planned vacation. As a Cashalo user, you’re lucky since you can avail the book now, pay later service and book the flight for your Tablas getaway with Cebu Pacific. Even better, you can pay in budget-friendly installments.

  • Puerto Galera, Mindoro

Located some 130 km south of Manila, the island of Puerto Galera is very accessible by land and sea travel. Once you reach the Batangas pier, you can ride a ferry that will take you to either Balatero Port or Muelle Port. From these ports, you can then go on a beach bumming type of vacation.

Puerto Galera, MindoroPuerto Galera has a long stretch of coastline with beaches that can go from a relaxing tourist spot in the daytime to a party scene at night. Of course, you can try a lot of water sports around Puerto Galera’s beaches, which include the White Beach, Aninuan Beach, and Sabang Beach.

  • Antique

Antique is a province located in the Western Visayas region, facing the Sulu Sea to the west. As a largely coastal area, Antique can be the perfect beach destination to give you a laid-back holiday experience.

AntiqueOne of Antique’s signature offers is the so-called kawa bath. You’ve probably seen it on your social media news feed: someone soaking in water infused with flowers and leaves in a large, oversized cauldron that’s placed over a fire made from dried bamboo or pieces of wood. It’s a unique kind of spa treatment that’s available in many Antique resorts. 

You can even choose whether you want to have salt, coffee, milk, wine, or beer flavor for your kawa bath. Surprisingly, a one-of-a-kind experience like this costs a few hundred pesos, so it’s still affordable.

Want to experience a kawa hot bath in Antique? You can under Cashalo’s credit program, which allows you to conveniently book an Antique-bound flight without a credit card. From Manila, you can travel to Antique via the Iloilo International Airport, with ticket prices starting at only P1,300.

  • Masbate

Known as the Rodeo Capital, Masbate gives you all the Wild West feels, especially when you schedule your trip in April. During this time, residents and tourists alike take part in the Rodeo Festival, which is marked by the staging of cowboy-themed parades in Masbate City. Everyone gamely shows up in checkered outfits, leather vests and boots, and cowboy hats. 

However, if your visit doesn’t coincide with the rodeo festivities, you can still explore what the province of Masbate has to offer. Its three major islands—Masbate, Ticao, and Burias—are off-the-beaten destinations where you can go island hopping and sightseeing.

Plane tickets from Manila to Masbate are available for P3,800.

  • Bukidnon

Bukidnon is the summer capital of the Northern Mindanao area. You probably know Bukidnon as a place where export-quality pineapples are grown, but a trip here will show you a more adventurous side of the province. 

Throughout Bukidnon, you’ll encounter attractions where you can try extreme activities like overnight camping, rappelling, bamboo rafting, zip-lining, sky biking, hiking, and so on. What makes all these possible is the fact that Bukidnon is home to a lot of natural wonders, including cliffs, mountains, canyons, waterfalls, and springs, among many others. 

The Dahilayan Adventure Park alone has a whole area for outdoor adventures with a low temperature that makes you feel as if you’re in Baguio.

Flights from Manila to Cagayan de Oro, which serves as one of the entry points to Bukidnon, are available for a price range of Php1,400 to Php1,800

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