5 Key Pieces of Motorcycle Gear for Delivery Riders

If you’re a delivery rider, you need more than just a fuel-efficient motorcycle to do your job well. You also need several pieces of motorcycle gear to keep yourself and the items you’re delivering as safe as can be. For example, you need equipment that can protect your body from inclement weather and your head from severe injuries. You also need something to help to transport items without breaking or spilling them even if you drive over potholes or bumps. 

Regardless of what courier service or food delivery company you work for, here is a curated list of essential gear and handy items any hardworking delivery rider needs.


Whether you focus on delivering food or parcels, one of the most important motorcycle gear you need is a helmet. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle reduces your risk of getting a head injury (or losing your life) in case of a crash. Also, it shields your face from the less pleasant aspects of riding such as rain, wind, dust, debris, and insects.

When choosing a helmet, get a full-face one because it offers the most protection. It provides complete coverage around the head and neck, protecting these body parts from a serious impact. While high-quality helmets often come with a higher price tag, they are good investments. If you need additional funds to purchase a durable helmet, consider availing of Cashalo’s Buy Now Pay Later program.

Rain Gear

When it comes to gear to keep you dry during the rainy season, you have various options to choose from. These include a rain jacket, poncho, or a split raincoat suit. Rain jackets offer protection for your body and are available in stylish designs. Many rain jackets for motorists are also lightweight and come in bright hues so you stay visible on the road even if you get caught in a heavy downpour. However, jackets only shield the top part of your body so your lower body might still get wet. 

On the other hand, ponchos offer more protection as they come in large sizes that can cover your torso and legs. They’re also loose and airy, allowing you to move freely and stay cool. On the other hand, this quality can also put you at risk of getting injured on the road. If you get a too-large poncho, it can easily get caught in the motorcycle’s drive chain, wheels, or sprocket. When this happens, you might lose control of your motorcycle, which may lead to colliding with other vehicles or falling off your motorcycle.

Ideally, wear something that fits snugly to your body without any loose material. A good example of this is a split raincoat suit. This rain garment comes with a separate waterproof jacket and pants that you can wear over your regular clothes. They provide ample protection to your torso, arms, and legs without risking injury. Many of these suits also have reflective designs on the back to help you stay visible to other motorists during low-visibility conditions.

Handlebar Phone Mount

Another piece of motorcycle gear you need to stay on top of your deliveries is a handlebar phone mount. While making your deliveries, you’ll be using your phone’s navigation app to find your customer’s address and the delivery app to update them on your location. These tasks can be challenging to do while keeping your hands on the handlebar and focusing on the road. As such, you need a piece of equipment to secure your smartphone on your motorcycle’s handlebar. 

When getting a phone mount for your motorcycle, look for one that will support your phone even if you drive on bumpy roads. At the same time, the mount’s support brackets must not scratch or damage your phone screen. If possible, purchase a phone mount with anti-theft features.  

Rear Luggage Rack

If you’re a full-time delivery rider, consider swapping your motorcycle box for a rear luggage rack. This accessory allows you to fit a thermal bag on your motorcycle’s rear without sacrificing the space of your seat. This way, you can comfortably seat two people on your motorbike if you need to.

Aside from having a dedicated space for your thermal bag, you can use the luggage rack to transport larger boxes or items that don’t fit inside your thermal bag. 

Bungee Cord

In case you’re transporting a large item that doesn’t fit inside your thermal box, a bungee cord will be convenient for keeping the item secure on the rear rack. You can loop the cord around your parcel and then clip the hooks on the rear rack. This should help hold down the parcel until you reach your destination.

Delivery riders need more than their motorcycles to safely and efficiently transport items from point A to point B. They also need motorcycle gear that will secure their belongings and cargo, as well as ensure their safety while on the road. Thus, be sure to consider the suggested pieces of equipment listed here so you can make all your deliveries on time and in a good state.