5 Home Improvement Ideas for Remote Workers

Remote work is becoming a more viable setup for a lot of Filipino professionals nowadays. There are plenty of good reasons for this, particularly that working from home can help reduce stress and promote a better work-life balance. For people living in congested areas, this work setup also eliminates the need to commute and spend a lot of time stuck in heavy traffic every day.

Still, taking on the role of a remote worker comes with a bit of preparation. At the very least, you’re going to need a reliable internet connection, a device that can keep up with the demands of your job, and a dedicated working area in your house. Beyond these elements, it’s also crucial to ensure that your home can be a place where you can focus and maintain your efficiency.

Fortunately, there are a few home improvement ideas that you can implement to turn your basic home office into a place that’s dedicated to productivity. Here are some of the home improvement projects that will benefit you as you build a career as a home-based worker:

Setting Up a Home Office

A simple desk with a computer on top of it can be considered a home office, that’s for sure, but this doesn’t mean you can’t strive for a better setup. As a remote worker, you need a place that’s designed to boost your productivity and empower you to accomplish your tasks with flying colors. Consider a well-equipped and custom-designed home office a need and something that yields high returns on investment. You can save up for a home office or download a loan app to finance its setup, and it will still be well worth it.

The funds you’ve sourced can be used to purchase an additional screen, an ergonomically designed chair, and quality computer peripherals, among others. The key is to purchase items that you’re sure can help you improve your performance and keep you relatively comfortable while you’re on the clock. It can even be spent on repainting the room, if you find that being surrounded by a certain color improves your mood and output.

Soundproofing Your Home

Noise pollution can be a persistent issue for many people who are working from home. This can be a significant problem in cramped residential areas and homes near major thoroughfares, commercial establishments, and events places. Perhaps kids like to play in front of your window, everyone in your street has reactive dogs and other noisy pets, or your neighbor has a habit of playing loud music during your peak productive hours.

You can address these issues by making soundproofing a top priority for your next renovation. Maybe you can spend money on items like acoustic panels, door and window seals, as well as thick curtains. These implements can dampen sound and can be quite effective if you need a quiet space in order to focus and complete your tasks.

Limiting the Impact of the Heat

The Philippines is a tropical country, so the heat and humidity can be very oppressive at times. The high temperatures might distract you from completing your work and even contribute to heat-induced issues like dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. If you don’t have an air conditioner at home yet, perhaps transitioning to a remote work set-up is the reason you’ve been waiting for to finally get one. Indeed, having an air conditioner and freeing yourself from excess heat as you work from home can help you improve your health, level of comfort, and the quality and quantity of your output.

If it’s not an option to install an aircon, you can enhance the airflow inside your home instead. This way, you can improve the air quality in the room and eliminate excess moisture. You can also control the air quality better if you invest in humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and/or exhaust fans for your home office.

Putting Barriers Between Rooms

One of the possible downsides of working from home is that there’s almost no barrier between your professional and personal lives. If you have kids or pets, they can make noise or demand your attention while you’re in a meeting. Other family members might feel like watching a movie or listening to loud music while you’re trying to focus. Even if you can keep noise pollution out of your home, the people in your household and their activities can still distract you and possibly keep you from getting work done.

Installing a barrier between your work area and the rest of the household can be a partial solution to this issue. You can put a door between your workplace and the hectic parts of your house, for example, which can be quite helpful if you’re in an important meeting or if you need to focus. This can help dampen the noise and keep distractions out of your immediate view.

Installing Better Lighting

Good lighting can do wonders for your productivity. Thus, it’s worth investing in the right lighting fixtures to help you get in the mood for work and do your job with greater attention to detail. You might benefit from installing blue or white light sources, which can complement your efforts to concentrate and work. If you have trouble settling down after your shift, you can also invest in warm lighting, which is said to be conducive to resting and relaxing. Remember, resting is an important aspect of performing well.


If you’re aiming to upgrade your remote office this year or you’re starting a new work-from-home job, think of these home improvement projects. These will help you create a dedicated space for work and make your home-slash-office a more pleasant place to be in.