Top Travel Gadgets and Accessories to Bring on Your Next Trip

What will you do when your phone’s battery dies while you’re waiting at the airport and there’s no wall socket in sight? From a reliable power bank to a snugly pillow, devices and accessories as such add extra convenience and comfort to your travel experience.

Whether you’re in the market to buy something for your traveler friend or for yourself, here are 10 of the best gadgets and accessories that will keep you company for your upcoming adventures.

  1. Power bank

Image from Anker

Part of being a traveler is expecting the unexpected. One of the primary reasons why you need to carry a reliable power bank in your arsenal is to charge up your device when it runs out of battery while you’re on the road or waiting to board an aircraft.

During inopportune times that you badly need to charge your device, you won’t always find an available outlet close by, which makes carrying a power bank convenient. It keeps you connected to whatever you’re doing without interruptions. Find one that’s compact and lightweight—a must-have for people who are always on the go.

  1. Smartphone

Image from Globe

It’s almost impossible to travel now without a smartphone in hand. These powerful devices can make your travel adventure a breeze. Aside from keeping you connected with family and friends, you can also use it to document your journey, make money transfers, stay in touch with your social network, and more. It could be the best travel buddy you’ll have!

Before you go, you can download travel apps to keep you company. Google Maps will keep you from getting lost and direct you to the nearest train station or tourist destination. Book a car when you’re tired from all the walking and you just want to get to your destination with ease.

  1. Mobile Wifi

Image from Pokefi

Admittedly, your smartphone or mobile device can be rendered useless without internet connection. When traveling abroad, it’s especially useful to have 24/7 internet access, so you can search for top tourist destinations, find out how to get there, and communicate with family and friends. Just imagine the hassle of having to find a WiFi hotspot simply because you don’t have your own mobile WiFi!

  1. Action Camera

Image from Unsplash

Action cameras come with various accessories and different types of attachments that allow you to mount them to your body, bike handlebars, helmets, vehicles, anything! You can even use one underwater for your diving adventures. Make POV surfing clips and take surreal travel photos and videos without trouble.

When looking for an action camera, go for one that’s HD so you can play it on your smartphone, TV, computers, or any screen size. Those that are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enables you to transfer media files from the device to your smartphone faster and easier.

  1. Sunglasses

Image from Sunnies Studios

Who doesn’t want to travel in style? Regardless of your destination, it’s always nice to top off your sleek or casual outfit with a good pair of sunglasses.

Wearing sunglasses is as important as putting a lip balm or slathering sunscreen lotion. Look for a pair that comes with UV protection and one that is comfortably snug. Reach for a versatile pair you can wear anywhere from a casual lunch out with friends or a trip to the beach!

  1. Travel pillow

Image from Ostrich Pillow

How many times have you woken up on board with a stiff neck? Your fair share of horrible jet lags is already telling—buy yourself a good travel pillow.

Traveling with a comfortable napping pillow will give you premium service, even when you’re at a ferry ride or a bus, en route your travel destination. Find one that’s adjustable and easy to carry. Never experience sleep deprivation or fear about waking up with a stiff neck ever again with a lightweight and cozy neck pillow.

  1. Water Purifier Bottle

Image from Grayl

Say ‘no’ to contaminated drinking water. Whether you’re about to drink river water or from a sketchy tap out of thirst, a water purifying bottle will shield you against disease-causing viruses, bacteria, chemicals and metals, and particulates.

This not only saves you from having to buy bottled water while on vacation, but also equips you with safe drinking water wherever you may be—perfect for outdoor adventurers and travelers alike.

  1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Image from Unsplash

No outdoor adventure is complete without music! Using your smartphone speakers won’t produce the same crisp sound quality, which makes investing in this device all the more worth it.

With a range of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, you can opt for one you can dip underwater, clip on your belt loop or bag, and many more. Whether you’re going on an overnight camping trip or trekking up a mountain, feel free to bring your music anywhere you go.

  1. Universal Adaptor

Image from Zumi

Sockets and outlets differ from one place to the next. Whether you’re flying overseas or just traveling domestic, having one less thing to worry about can be a game-changer—like a trusty universal adaptor.

There are a total of 15 different electrical outlets around the globe. You’d want to check first what outlet is used in your destination. A universal adaptor can accommodate many, if not most electrical outlets worldwide.

  1. Backpack

Image from PacSafe

A reliable backpack will keep all your valuables protected, not to mention that it leaves your hands free to carry more bags. Of course, you want to look for something that passes the airline carry-on standards. You’ll be lugging this around for who knows how long, so it’s best to find one that’s ergonomic and comfortable to wear.

Invest in one which you can carry around on any type of trip, from a leisure trip to a business trip. A backpack that’s anti-theft, water resistant, and shockproof is ideal, especially if you plan on traveling to a wide variety of destinations.


Pack for the way you travel. These devices and accessories ensure that your trips go smoothly and enjoyably—just as how you expect and imagine it to be. Go and pick up an action camera to document your upcoming trips! If you’re worried about coming up short on cash, you can apply for a gadget loan.

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