Summer Bucket List: 5 Activities You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

When the temperature starts to rise and the heat makes you want to hit the cool waters of the beach, it only means one thing: summer is upon us. This is also the time when your kids take a break from school, which means you have the opportunity to spend more quality time with them and bond over activities that will make summer more fun.

Before you start planning, you’ll need to be financially prepared, so the smart thing to do is have a budget to fund your planned activities. If you need to supplement your finances, you can always whip out your smartphone, and download a loan app to apply for one online. This is a strategic move in case you need to save money for the more important stuff such as school tuition, books, and school supplies.

To help you start planning the summer and make sure it’s going to be worthwhile, here’s a list of activities you can enjoy with your kids.

1. Visit interactive museums and playgrounds

Source: A Mom Abroad

It’s important to expose your kids to places where they could develop their intellect, so take them to modern interactive museums where they can immerse themselves into the arts and sciences. This is also an effective way to boost their interest in these subjects while having fun.

Visit Art in Island in Cubao, a 3D interactive trick art museum where you can all be as creative as you want in taking photos among 3D paintings and murals. The place is full of optical illusions that will blow your kids’ minds.

The Mind Museum in BGC is a world-class interactive museum where science comes alive, delivering an extraordinary educational experience that’s surely going to leave your kids in awe. There are dinosaurs, robots, and space exploration to tickle their imaginations.

With kids who love to role-play, KidZania is the place to be. It’s a mini-metropolis where they could get to be doctors, firefighter, pilots, and even rock stars for a day.

2. Solve puzzles together

Puzzles also have the same effect. You’ll be spending hours trying to piece together the whole picture or solve mysteries using the clues provided. This kind of activity can help sharpen their wit while making sure they’re going through a healthy childhood by spending fun times with you as their parent. Bonus points for keeping it low-cost through online games.

3. Join Them on the Playground

Source: Click the City

Indoor playgrounds for both the young and young at heart have been popping up all over the metro; leaving you no excuse not to jump in the ball pit with your children.

Nothing beats play time with your kids, and there’s no better place to go and frolic with them than at modern playgrounds around Metro Manila. You can bring out the child in you at Ball Pit Manila, where you can jump into massive ball pits without worrying about the age limit.

If you and your kids have the endless energy to jump around, they’ll definitely love Jump Yard and Bounce Philippines. These are two playgrounds that feature a foam pit and a giant trampolines that you can spend hours to jump on while playing basketball or dodge ball. Make sure you can keep up with your kids, though.

4. Complete a Paint by Numbers coloring book

To convince your kids to be interested in art and eventually get them hooked, you’ll need to have them go through a pleasant experience so they could enjoy it. The best way to do it is to be involved in the activity. Pick up a paint by numbers coloring book and devote time with your kids in completing each page till you finish the book.

5. Visit a nature park

Source: Carl Taawan

 With the way things are going with the environment today, it has never been more important to teach your kids to appreciate the beauty of nature. Only then will they have the initiative to act and save the planet. You can take them on a short trip to a botanical garden and have them be surrounded by nature.

La Mesa Eco Park, Baguio Botanical Garden, and Tayug Sun Flower Maze are just a few of the stunning places you can take your kids to marvel at nature.  Spend a few hours with your kids to explore these eco parks; immerse in the lush environment, go for a nice picnic, or check out the wildlife thriving in the area.

Time Spent with Them Is Priceless

Any parent would agree that raising kids can be tough; the financial aspect of it alone is challenging.  As a parent, it’s natural to always want to give your children the best things in life, including the best family memories.

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