5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a New Phone

These days, having a mobile phone is really no longer a luxury but more of a necessity. Need to check on your family in the province and want a quick response? Call them. Encountered an emergency on your way to an office meeting? Send a message to your co-worker. These are common, everyday scenarios that call for you to always have a mobile phone with you.

With new smartphones coming out in 2020, you may be tempted to immediately purchase one of them to replace what you’re currently using. But before you give in to your wish, ask yourself these important questions so that you can make an educated financial decision. Afterall, phones, no matter how budget-friendly, can still cost you a lot. 

Question No. 1: Do you really need a new phone?

There are a few urgent instances that will tell you if you need to replace your old phone. Perhaps it’s already broken or lagging, or you run into serious technical issues like a faulty microphone whenever you try to make or receive a call. If you find yourself dealing with any of these situations, then you have a valid reason to buy your next smartphone. 

Another way to determine how badly you need a replacement phone is by asking yourself if your current unit has all the features that you need. Does your current mobile phone have the capabilities you need for your livelihood? You may need to video call, send or receive emails, or use map-enabled apps to get driving instructions when providing delivery or ride-hailing services. If your current device can’t keep up with your needs, a new smartphone becomes a must-have.

Question No. 2: How soon do you need a new phone?

There’s nothing wrong with browsing the internet to shop for options since online deals give you an idea of what to expect when you’re ready to buy. The problem is, this may unconsciously lead you to think that you need to buy that nice-looking phone ASAP when the truth is you can wait for a couple of months.   

Waiting it out for a couple of days or weeks may not only weaken your impulse to buy but also allow you to clear your mind first before finally deciding to shop for a new gadget. You can also use the time to save up for the phone you want.

However, if your need is urgent, then, by all means, get the new phone. Is your current unit in bad shape and no longer functioning properly? Does your new work or small business suddenly demand features (e.g., email, good camera, GPS, etc.) that your current phone does not have? 

In such cases, a new unit will do you good. You can even avail of gadget loans, so you can immediately get that much-needed replacement phone.

Question No. 3: How much are you willing to spend?

Buying a gadget that’s fresh out of the box entails spending your hard-earned money, so you need to think about what falls within your means or how much money you can set aside periodically to afford a new phone.

Setting a price point can help you save time and make a reasonable and feasible saving goal. Take a close look at your finances and set a budget before you start looking for a new unit. Don’t bother looking at top-of-the-line phones if you only have a budget for a mid-range one. 

For instance, if your salary or earnings don’t allow you to buy the iPhone Xs, you can look at affordable alternatives. You can also explore other funding options such as getting a gadget loan or a postpaid plan. 

Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a New PhoneQuestion No. 4: How do you plan to buy/afford a new phone?

Ideally, you should have enough money specifically set aside for your phone purchase. This way, you don’t have to dig into your savings or monthly budget for utilities.  But if you’re still a few months away from hitting your savings goal and you already need to replace your old phone, you have these options:

  • Get a gadget loan. You can pay for your phone by installment, even without a credit card. You can then use part of your existing savings to pay off your monthly bills.
  • Apply for a postpaid plan. Just prepare the necessary financial documents and money, as telco providers usually require some cash for a downpayment. 

Whichever option you choose, make sure that it suits your financial capability to pay for your new smartphone.

Question No. 5: How can you find the best smartphone deals?

Both online marketplaces and physical stores are good sources for smartphone deals that give value for your money. If you’re buying online, better to go to official websites or authorized resellers of your favorite brand. Take time to check customer reviews and ratings before committing with a particular vendor so that you won’t be scammed.

Watch out for sale events, so you can score discounts to lessen the final price to pay. In some promotional offers, you can get freebies like casing, power bank, and so on. It’s an economical way to collect essential accessories for your phone, which can help keep your unit in excellent working condition.

Ask, and You Shall Know

 Mobile phones have become a useful tool for everyday tasks at work or home. But, don’t be such in a hurry to buy a new phone without first asking yourself the critical questions, so that you’ll know for sure that you’re not making an unnecessary or impractical purchase. Be honest and objective in answering the above questions, as doing the opposite may only prevent you from making the right judgment call.

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