Philippines First: 6 Beautiful Destinations You Should Explore Now

Beauty is subjective. But with its 7,641 islands, there is something for everyone in the Philippines, whatever their perception of beauty is. May it be a pristine beach or a breathtaking mountain, it’s a delight to explore the country and discover its natural beauty.

Traveling to different places and provinces in the country is a must for every Filipino (and foreigners, too), as it will immerse you in the different cultures and way of life of your fellow Pinoys. It allows you to have a better understanding of how things go about in other places apart from your usual city or town. Take a pass on the usual Laguna or Antipolo resorts. There are more beautiful destinations in farther provinces.

Here are some of the places in the Philippines you should definitely explore soon!

1. Abra

The less popular neighbor of tourist favorites Baguio and Ilocos, the province of Abra is located in the Cordillera Administrative Region. People who love going outdoors and experiencing nature must pay a visit to the area and see the Kaparkan Falls in Tineg.

Kaparkan Falls in Tineg (Photo from Arjay Borillo)

The falls are known for cascading over naturally carved rock terraces. Other natural formations to see are the Piwek Rock Formations and Apao Rolling Hills.

2. Antique

This coastal province in Panay Island understandably is filled with amazing beaches, the must-visit being Seco Island in Tibiao. The elbow-shaped island boasts of a white beach that is only a few hours away from the mainland. If you’d rather bathe in a hot spring, go for Anini-y’s Siraan Hot Spring for a relaxing time with a view.

Seco Island in Tibiao (Photo from Panay News)

Aside from the water, though, you can also trek the many mountain formations or rice terraces in Antique, including one in Sibalom, San Remigio. If you’re lucky, you’d even get to see the biggest flower in the world—rafflesia—in full bloom.

3. Batanes

If you’ve ever sung along to that familiar tune of an afternoon variety show, you will figure out that Batanes is one of the provinces on the uppermost tip of the Philippines. Being an island, Batanes is known for its eclectic weather—sunny mornings, rainy high noons, and clear-sky afternoons. Apart from this, the province has distinct landscapes of cliffs, rolling hills, and ravines.

Dakay House in Sabtang Island (Photo from Out of Town Blog)

Do visit a traditional Ivatan House made with limestone walls such as the Dakay House in Sabtang Island, and the many lighthouses around. The Basco lighthouse, one of the new ones, gives you a spectacular view of the sea. For some history lesson, visit the concrete ruins of the American radio center and old Japanese hideout, used during World War II.

4. Bukidnon

The name of this province in Northern Mindanao means “of the mountains” or “mountain dweller.” From that alone, you’d know what to expect from Bukidnon. In the capital city of Malaybalay, you can already experience a scenic road with the Provincial Tree Park’s trail that feels like walking on clouds. Another trek you should take is the Panimahawa Ridge.


Malaybalay Provincial Tree Park (Photo from Experience Bukidnon)

If you’d like to see water, Bukidnon will not disappoint with a relaxing time in Valencia’s Lake Apo. For a bit of extreme adventure, try the vertical bivouac at Kiokong White Rock Wall in Quezon where you can try your hand in scaling rock walls.

5. Siquijor

Another island in the list, Siquijor was once called “Island of Fire” for the abundance of fireflies. The Filipinos, being superstitious people that we are, have given a new label to the province—the breeding ground for mythical and supernatural creatures. Underneath these old wives’ tales, though, is a mesmerizing place teeming with waterfalls, parks, centuries-old churches, and beaches.

Don’t miss out on visiting the Kagusuan Beach, a remote beach with soft sands and picturesque scenery, and Paliton Beach, with white sands and unforgettable sunsets.

Siquijor Kagusuan Beach (Photo from Siquijor Island)

6. South Cotabato

The “Breadbasket of the South,” South Cotabato is known for its various crops, including pineapples, asparagus, and corn. But a visit to the province isn’t bound to be all about its produce. For starters, you’d get to experience the incredible culture of the Ubo and T’boli tribes, and you can also try your hand on T’nalak Weaving, an outdated but still thriving weaving industry in the province.

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato (Photo from Inquirer)

If you’re on the hunt for the smallest primate—the Tukal Mal—head on to the Tarsier Sanctuary at Brgy. Linan. Relax or thrill yourself at Lake Sebu, which boasts stunning waterfalls and crystal clear waters, and houses Southeast Asia’s highest zip line. Visitors are situated 180 meters up in the air and zipped down at a speed of 100–120 km/h to get a view of the entire Lake Sebu.


These six destinations are just the tip of the iceberg. Anywhere you go in the Philippines, you are bound to discover something that will take your breath away.

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