How to Get Your Dream Gadget this Christmas Season

There are two reasons why Filipinos love to shop for gadgets during the Christmas season: One, many of us look at the Christmas season as the perfect time to reward themselves. Second, we love keeping up with the latest gadget releases.

But, just because you want to stay on track of the latest tech doesn’t mean you have to drain your bank account to get your hands on the newest device. You don’t want to end the holiday with an empty wallet. Being a financially responsible adult means knowing the tips and tricks to get the item you’ve been wanting to have without going broke.

Whether you’re purchasing the latest smartphone or you’re upgrading your gaming console, here are money-saving ways to help you buy your dream gadget this Christmas season:


Sell your pre-loved gadgets online.

Back in the day, it was a lot harder to find a buyer for your preloved items. Now, you can sell your gadget without leaving the comfort of your home.

There are e-commerce websites such as Carousell, and OLX where you can list your used gadgets. You can also take to social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram to advertise your items for free and reach a wide range of potential buyers.

Selling your pre-loved devices will allow you to raise money for the new one you’re dreaming of buying. You can also sell other used items such as jewelry, clothes, bags, and shoes that are still in excellent condition. It’s a great way to declutter and raise funds so you can get your dream gadget this Christmas.


Consider buying refurbished gadgets.

There are a lot of gadget stores in the Philippines that buy and sell used gadgets. Broken parts are replaced, defects are repaired, and the old OS is updated to sell them as “new and refurbished.”  Even major retailers refurbish defective units. Just make sure you’re dealing with a credible shop to avoid problems.

One way you can save more money and acquire your dream gadget is by opting for a refurbished one. Just make sure your device comes with the same warranties and return policies as the brand-new units.


Attend gadget bazaars.

There are many things to discover in a gadget bazaar, and the best part of it is finding everything you need in one place. Both new and old models can be purchased at discounted prices. You can also get freebies and promotional deals.

For example, you’re on the hunt for a new gaming laptop. While you’re there, you can also shop for gaming consoles and various accessories to go with it. There are even times where bazaars offer limited edition items or hard-to-find products that aren’t originally released in the Philippines.


Don’t be afraid to haggle.

Whether you’re in a brick and mortar store or dealing with an online shop, never give in to initial prices right away. Don’t be shy to haggle for a lower price. Remember, sellers know that Filipino buyers love to bargain, so they won’t be surprised when you do.

Remember to always be reasonable with the discount you’re asking for. Do it politely and never be too pushy. Accept the fact that haggling won’t work on every retailer. If the seller isn’t willing to give you a discount, ask for freebies instead. Free tempered glass protector or back casing for smartphones, for instance, is a reasonable accessory to ask for.


Use discount coupons or rewards points.

It’s the points era, where businesses, especially large retail outlets, offer loyalty programs where customers earn points through every purchase. Check the loyalty programs you belong to, and see if your points can be used to purchase a new gadget.

You can also scour the web for discount coupons and special sale events so you can prepare your finances ahead of time.


Apply for gadget loans.

During the Christmas season, you spend on gifts, decorations, parties, and celebrations; all of which can take a chunk from your savings. Luckily, there are online loan apps, such as Cashalo, that provide gadget loans to help you pay for your dream device right away in partner stores.

Instead of waiting in line at money lending establishments, you can apply for a gadget loan straight from your smartphone. The best part is that it only takes about 10 minutes for your loan application to be approved.



While Christmas is the time for giving, you can always reward yourself without sacrificing your entire savings. Find better and cheaper ways to get it so that your Christmas (and your wallet) will indeed be merry!

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