How to Get Money to Start Your Small Business

Working a regular, 9-to-5 job sometimes isn’t enough to cover the expenses at home or provide for your family’s needs. In some Filipino households, only one of the parents work, making it extra hard to pay off the bills sometimes. That’s why it’s commonly advised to people to find other sources of income, like starting a small business.

 Admittedly, that’s easier said than done. The biggest challenge in starting a small business is getting capital—this is what will turn your idea into a reality.

 If you’re looking for ideas to get more cash and jumpstart your business, you came to the right place. Here are some financial tips you can do as early as now to help fund your microbusiness.


  • Have a garage sale

 A garage sale is probably the easiest way to get extra cash, as you only need the things that are just lying around in your house. This also gives you a chance to thoroughly check which items you don’t need anymore, tidying up your home in the process. 

 You can sell clothes, appliances, and furniture, depending on its value. Other things you can include are jewelry, gadgets, and limited edition merch—basically stuff that surely costs money. Don’t underestimate the power of garage sales—you’ll be surprised by the money you get to earn from the things you don’t use!

 Pro tip: You can also sign up and use online shops like Carousell or Facebook Marketplace to widen your reach and sell items faster. Simply coordinate with the buyer about their preferred shipping method.

  •  Get another job on the side

 As mentioned earlier, sometimes just working one job isn’t enough. If you have extra time, especially on weekends, you can get freelance work or other gigs that could earn you some cash. You can choose to do more of the same thing you already do at work, or tap on your talents or hobbies and see what kinds of opportunities open up for you.

 At times, business ideas can come from these side jobs, too! Say you’re good at cooking, and you decide to sell homemade meals to your husband’s officemates for extra income. This could potentially develop into a small business that you can start once you have more capital. Don’t say no to opportunities!

 Need some more ideas? You can be a virtual assistant online on websites like or Upwork. If you’re well-versed in the English language, you can also be an online English tutor. Signing up to be a Grab driver may also be a good part-time job if you have the time for it.

  •  Tap your savings

 While it’s a good practice to set aside a portion of your savings as an emergency fund, it’s also not a bad thing to use that towards starting your business. After all, your earnings can also help you grow the money you have in the bank. Think of this move as an investment for the future.

Again, make sure you don’t drain your savings account, and instead use it to support the capital you already have—unless you have enough extra.

  •  Propose an idea to a business partner

 You can also choose to pitch your business idea to a reliable friend or family member and work up the figures of your venture. You can act as the operations manager while they can finance the business at the early stages. Once your business is starting to make money, you can decide on the division of your profit, so you both benefit from the setup.

 With this option, it should go without saying that you should have a reliable business partner. Be transparent with your negotiations from the start, and if possible, have them in writing, so you have documents to back you up in case you encounter any problems along the way.

  •  Borrow from the bank

 Taking a personal loan from the bank can be an excellent option to fund your business, too, especially if you can get approved with flexible repayment terms. Watch out for any promos from banks regarding their loans so you can take advantage of a sweet deal.

 The only catch with this option is you may have to go through a waiting period for approval and supply the necessary documents for your application, although this is a required step to be approved.

  • Get a loan from Cashalo

 Third-party lending apps are becoming a good source of extra cash in times of need. It’s a more popular option versus bank loans since there’s not a lot of paperwork needed, and approval times are usually faster, as well. With the Cashalo credit app, it’s easy to apply for a loan and receive updates regarding your status.


Start Your Entrepreneurial Dream Today

Nowadays, there are many ways to start sourcing for your small business’s capital. If you’re ready to launch your idea, Cashalo’s easy application and fast loan approval will help you make your dreams into a reality. Download the app now!