Here’s How to Buy the iPhone Xs Without A Credit Card

New iPhone releases are always highly coveted. Everyone seems to want one despite its high price tag, and who can blame them? On top of its great features, the iPhone has a certain prestige attached to it. Apple’s patented iOS also keeps on improving its interface, making it even more user-friendly than ever.

The caveat is obviously the price that can significantly hurt your budget. But if this is important to you and you find value in it, then go for it! Set it as a goal to buy the new iPhone Xs. You can afford it as long as you plan it out in advance and are willing to put in the work, financially speaking.

You can even buy the iPhone Xs without a credit card or cashing out a big amount in one go. If you’re wondering how you can possibly buy an installment phone without a credit card, then read on!

1. Wait for a new iPhone release or buy a pre-owned unit

Apple is known for releasing new models of their iPhone every year or so. When the iPhone Xs and Xs Max were announced in September 2018, their previous model iPhone 8 dropped in prices. This is due to used technology marketplaces getting an influx of old iPhones, driving prices down. You can expect the same thing to happen with the Xs, once iPhone releases a new model.

If you’re determined to acquire the iPhone Xs, then keep your eyes out for new iPhone releases. It won’t be that difficult considering that every announcement becomes a banner story. The Xs and Xs Max will be significantly cheaper around the time of Apple’s next iPhone release.

If you cannot wait that long, you can opt for used or refurbished versions. Contrary to popular belief, second-hand phones aren’t always of low quality. Users have become more careful with their gadgets because of their steep prices, so you’re likely to find one that is reliable but affordable.

Still, you have to be careful when choosing who or where to buy from. Make sure to get one only from someone you personally know, or from a reliable, high-rated reseller. Know if the unit is compatible with your carrier and not broken, stolen or still under contract.

2. Take advantage of promotions and discounts

When the Holidays roll in, carriers and electronics retailers usually offer promos for some of their products—including iPhone handsets. Before the gift-giving season begins, regularly check your friendly neighborhood stores and online shops for their best deals on the iPhone Xs.

3. Sell your old phone

If you think that your current phone won’t be as useful to you once you get your hands on the iPhone Xs, you can sell it instead. Put it to good use for one last time! You can use the few thousand pesos you earn to fund your iPhone XS purchase. Before you sell, though, make sure to estimate the value of your current phone for resale.

4. Improve your cash flow

There are two ways to ensure that you’re maximizing your income flow. First is to create a realistic budget—allot a percentage of your monthly income to your emergency fund, savings, daily expenses, and iPhone XS fund.

Then, there’s the matter of getting a side gig to earn extra income. Depending on how much you can make from it; you can allot the entirety of it for your new phone purchase. What are some of the ways to get additional income? The best way to know is to find opportunities in your passion or skills.

If you like dogs or cats, you can dog- or cat-sit when you have free time. You can sell baked good or other handmade crafts if you’re good with that kind of work. Another thing that you can do is have a garage sale to sell some of the items or clothes you have not been using for quite some time.

5. Get a mobile plan

A postpaid plan offered by different cellphone carriers may come with handsets; so if you happen to see one offering iPhone XS and you don’t mind changing your mobile number, then go for it! Usually, postpaid plans require a down payment for the unit, and the remaining will be divided into monthly payments, coinciding with the bill for the line. This may differ depending on your network of choice.

A word of advice: Since Apple phones are on the higher end of the spectrum, expect the XS to be available only for plans that are also on the more expensive side. Though, this comes bundled with text, calls, and surfing perks.

6. Apply for a gadget loan

If you have no credit card or can’t apply for one due to various reasons, Cashalo has your back. Cashalo offers Shop Now Pay Later where you can apply for a gadget loan with fast approval. This practical basket financing solution lets you shop for the smartphone you want, and then pay later in installments. With this credit app, you’re bound to get your iPhone Xs in no time.

If there’s a will, there’s a way

Everyone deserves nice things; the trick is to be still responsible for your finances and consider each factor carefully before making a purchase. If getting a new phone is essential to you, something you find value in, or will be helpful in your everyday routine; there is undoubtedly a way to afford it without having to neglect priorities like monthly bill payments and emergency fund.

With the Cashalo Credit App, you won’t have to compromise your other priorities. With reasonable interest rates and flexible repayment schemes, you’ll be able to get the money you need to buy an iPhone Xs without burning a hole your wallet.

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