7 Businesses You Can Start with P10,000 or Lower

If you ever wanted to be called “bossing” by your own people, starting your own business is the best way to go!

Opening a business has always been tricky—money for investment doesn’t come easy, and the market’s unpredictability means you’re taking a huge risk. But if you’re willing to take the chance, having a business is a fulfilling undertaking that will provide you additional income outside of your primary job.

Good news: You don’t need such a huge capital to become your own boss. Today, you can open a business with as little as P10,000 or even lower.


  1. Sari-Sari Store

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Capital: P5,000+

Everyone knows someone who owns a sari-sari store. It’s common for Filipinos to have this business that there’s one in every kanto—and for good reasons. You only need a small amount as capital; it’s so easy to set up that you can do it even within your backyard, and there’s always a demand since you’re selling goods that everyone will use or need at some point during the day.

The downside, though, is that competition is obviously high. You can start by buying the most common necessities in bulk (soaps, shampoos, candies, and snacks are the usual). Then, move up to other things (or those that need to be refrigerated like bottled water and juice, soft drinks, and ice), once you have enough returns from your sales.


  1. Loading and Padala Services

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Capital: P4,000–P10,000

Smartphones are far from being a luxury item nowadays, especially since there are brands that sell the gadget for a low price. Of course, consumers would need a cellphone load to use it properly, and that’s where your business can come in. More people may be choosing to apply for postpaid lines for convenience, but a huge majority of Pinoys still rely on prepaid.

Aside from the small investment, loading services can be done even without a physical store—some even do it as a sideline since it only requires the loading SIM card and a phone. Plus, unlike food or other commodities, you don’t have to worry about its expiration date. The credits on your loading device will not expire – but the prepaid load of your customers will! They will definitely come back to buy cellphone load in a few days.

While you’re at it, you can also try your hand on padala services, mobile wallet transfers, or domestic remittances. In addition, there are third-party retailers of loading SIM cards that would also allow you to include bills payments to your services.


  1. Siomai Stalls

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Capital: P9,000

Pinoys love siomai; so much so that this go-to ulam and merienda can be found in almost every transport terminal and train station around the city. The dumpling is an inexpensive but filling snack, and starting a business on it doesn’t take too much, either. The basic siomai recipes don’t require too many ingredients while the stall or cart to use can easily be constructed with low-cost materials.


  1. Ice Cream Dealership

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Capital: P8,000–P10,000

Another cart favorite is the ice cream, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when the country is on a constant state of heat all year long. This is also precisely the reason why this business does well. You can approach ice cream companies that may be offering startup packages or loans to interested dealers.


  1. Homemade or handcrafted Items

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Capital: P5,000

Artisanal products like soaps, perfumes, bags, shoes, spreads, and many others are currently making waves in the market thanks to those who support small businesses rather than large retailers. The first thing you would need to do is to find out what you can or want to make. There are readily available steps on the Internet that you can use and even improve on for your business.

Then, you would need to buy the ingredients and materials if you don’t have them on hand yet. To cut down costs further, you can market it through social networking sites or sell them through an online selling platform.


  1. Buy and Sell or Direct Selling

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Capital: P250–P10,000

There are those who are naturally skilled at convincing people to support their products—direct selling is the best business for you if you’re similarly as talented. It’s a matter of choosing what items to buy and sell—there’s apparel, cosmetics, accessories, gadgets, supplements, and many more—preferably one that you’re also passionate about.

If you contact other direct-selling companies, you may consider getting their start-up packages, with prices that go for as low as P250. And like with homemade items, you can also use social media and online selling platforms to reach customers if you want to sell outside of physical locations, as well.


  1. Makeup Services

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Capital: P10,000

If your talent is putting on makeup perfectly, then you can definitely start offering makeup services to other people. Makeup artists are in demand during graduation months, and there are countless debuts weddings, and other occasions all year long that you can sell your services to.

It’s important to research for great makeup items and tools to use. You can start with the inexpensive ones as long as you know that it will do the job well. Then, you can move up to more expensive brands if you think they are better for your clientele.



These are just some of the businesses that you can open yourself. There are many others to choose from, but the important thing is to have the passion for it and learn everything you need before you do anything.

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