6 Food Hacks That You Must Know to Survive Petsa de Peligro

Saving money is easier said than done. Even though you’re making an effort to control your budget and practice good money habits, these can only go so far in the face of spur-of-the-moment expenses. With monthly bills, unforeseen events, and other unexpected costs coming your way, there are times when working overtime simply won’t solve budget constraints brought about by Petsa de Peligro.

Cashalo is here to provide tips on how you can minimize your spending. Out of all daily expenses, your food choices play a big part in how much you’re able to save from your salary. Accommodate your spontaneous purchases comfortably by taking note of these budget-friendly meal options.

Under Php 50.00

7/11 Busog Meals

7/11’s Busog Meals are an affordelicious choice. 7/11 offers a variety of options, namely: Sisig, Tuna Omelet and Giniling. Whether you want a quick dinner or to prepare food for your nightshift, these meals provide an all-in-one solution.

7/11 branches are everywhere, and all it takes is a few minutes in the microwave to get them ready. If you’re having some trouble searching or deciding on what you’re going to eat, you can always count on 7/11’s Busog Meals for a happy stomach.

Ministop’s Kariman

Do you tend to munch in the middle of the day? If your midday hunger is causing you to buy more meals than you’d like, you might want to find cheaper alternatives to save more cash. Luckily, you have Ministop’s Kariman readily available.

Ranging from Php 10–Php 30, you can enjoy these easy-to-carry snacks anytime and anywhere. You can enjoy Ministop’s Kariman depending on what your taste buds want at the moment. This filling snack is available in chocolate, caramel, tuna melt, ham and cheese, and all other kinds of flavors.

If the commute home is long or if you have to wait for hours at a long line at the bus stop, taking a Kariman or two will counter hunger when it strikes.

Lawson’s Fried Foods Station

Lawson’s food has been flying under the radar, but their meals can definitely stand head-to-head with their convenience store competitors. Lawson carries fried meals that will make you feel that you’re getting the most of your money. Their best sellers chicken karaage, fried siomai, and fried shark’s fin have won the hearts of many, and are a budget-friendly and convenient option.

You may also want to look into their unli-rice promo. This is what sets it apart from other convenience stores. If you plan to dine-in at a Lawson near you, you can enjoy unli-rice with their fried choices or other karinderya station meals. For prices as low as Php 29, you can enjoy tasty combos without breaking the bank.

Under Php 100.00

Uncle John’s Chicken at Ministop

 In recent years, Ministop’s fried chicken has gained popularity as one of the bests in the country. With its crispy skin and juicy meat, it’s no surprise that this affordable but filling option has been up to par with fried chicken giants such as KFC.

Ministop offers a budget-friendly array of meal selections. You can enjoy your chicken with a drink, or you can opt for a set that includes other meals of your choice. Ranging from their own gravy to Mang Tomas spicy sauce, Ministop also gives you the option to get the sauce that you want.

Fast food value meals

If you don’t have a karinderya near your office, you won’t have to worry about spending on an expensive meal in a commercial establishment. For those working in a central business district like Makati, BGC or Ortigas, you can always count on fast-food chains as your go-to place for lunch—especially during Petsa de Peligro.

Mc Donalds, Jollibee, and other fast-foods provide several value meals that can satisfy your cravings and still fall within your budget. However, you can make these value meals cheaper by doing simple math.

Try this quick and easy value meal hack: If you’re in Jollibee and you’re planning to get a two-piece burger steak (Php 95), get two orders of a one-piece (Php 55 each with a total of Php 110) instead. This one’s a bit over the budget, but it’s definitely for a good reason! You may end up spending an additional 15 pesos, but the extra rice and drink that comes with both orders will fill you up and keep you from snacking throughout the day.

Classic Jollijeep Meals

Back in the ‘80s, vendors from all over Manila would flock to Ayala Avenue to sell inexpensive, homecooked meals to hungry workers. After going through numerous changes in government policies and city ordinances over the past years, these cooks have finally found their place and established themselves in jeepney-looking carts near the sidewalks of Makati.

As Filipinos, there’s nothing better than eating home-cooked meals. If you have the privilege of working in Makati, you can enjoy the flavors of the country by eating at a Jollijeep near your office. Take some time to search for options around your vicinity—hopefully you’ll be able to find a jollijeep with meals that taste exactly like your mom’s cooking!


Other than these tipid-meal tips, you should take some time to research on apps that regularly provide promos which can come in handy during Petsa de Peligro. To get you started, Cashalo’s Cashadeals offers discounts on your favorite convenience store meals by as much as 50%.

Cutting down on dessert, soft drinks, and junk food will also allow you to save more money, all while maintaining better overall health.

Don’t worry, we got you

Eating at home and bringing baon will always be the most cost-efficient choice, but going out to eat is unavoidable, especially if your tight schedule doesn’t allow you to prepare your food in advance. With these tipid tips in mind, you will never have to worry about running low on cash before payday.

As long as you opt for these choices when you’re out to buy food, you can get through Petsa de Peligro with a fat wallet and a happy stomach.

In case you need extra cash, but your friends are sadly also in Petsa de Peligro mode, you can rely on Cashalo’s PayLater service for a quick and easy solution.