5 Things That Are Wiser to Buy Secondhand

Today’s economic climate is motivating Filipinos to be wiser in their purchases, whether it’s for their everyday necessities or the occasional splurges. If you’re looking to cut costs without cutting corners, getting secondhand or used items may be the best course of action.

With the recent influx of segunda mano stores and surplus shops, it shouldn’t be hard to find great deals on items that you need, without paying the full price and sacrificing quality. Used doesn’t mean ugly or worn out, and these items are proof that sometimes, pre-loved goods are better for your budget.

1. Home and office furniture

Some of the possible reasons why a homeowner or company would decide to buy new furniture include moving to a new address or location (current furniture may be too small or big for the new place) or a simple change of mind. Scour flea markets, secondhand furniture stores, and even Facebook Marketplace. You’re bound to find something that fits your needs and taste.

In addition, furniture with a rustic or vintage look is the trend today, so if you’re lucky to spot one that you like—and for so much less than brand new ones—go for it! Cheap secondhand cubicles, desks, chairs, and file cabinets are also useful for start-ups or SMEs that are careful with their budget.

2. Books

Someone out there is constantly on a hunt for a new book to read. When it comes to fiction novels, whether in print or audiobook form, secondhand is still as good as when it was fresh out of the store or library. The best part is that you can get them for half of its original price or even less at your local book or thrift stores.

Textbooks can be quite expensive, especially for specific courses. You can also rent, borrow, or buy used ones to save. Find out if you have a relative or friend who has used the same book before so you can ask for help. However, it’s essential to determine if the information is still relevant to the subject matter, or if you need a new, updated version.

3. Cars and bicycles

If you’re not after the new car smell, used and restored vehicles are the way to go. Check your local paper’s ads, visit secondhand showrooms, and talk with a trusted dealer so you can get the best, lowest price.

Don’t forget to take it for a test drive to see if the car is still worth its price, or ask about the car’s history to know if it has already gone through major repairs. It’s no secret that some owners skimp on repairs or get substandard materials—you don’t want to pay for a cheap secondhand car but end up shelling out more for costly repairs (you may be better off buying a new car in that case).

Going for pre-owned vehicles just makes more sense if you know that a car’s value drops to 20% once driven out of the dealership. A pre-loved bicycle is also just as good, especially if you’re just a casual rider who doesn’t compete in races or marathons. Like in the case of cars, do your due diligence and find a seller that you can trust.

4. Sports gear or equipment

There’s a good reason why gym membership fees are steep—the equipment and clothing you are using are equally expensive. If you have money to spend and been doing this for a long time, there’s nothing wrong with investing in new, high-quality equipment. However, for first-timers, beginners, and fitness nuts on a budget, secondhand is better. The same can be said about sports gear.

5. Household appliance

Another major household expense that you should consider is purchasing appliances. Depending on the brand and model, small and big appliances can get quite costly, so it will definitely deal some damage to your budget.

As with other items, if you have money to spend on new ones, go for it. Otherwise, start asking around your group of friends and relatives for anyone who may be selling their used appliances to purchase new ones. Understandably, you may be more confident buying from people you already know than from strangers on the internet. There are trusted sellers; it’s only a matter of doing ample search to find them.

If you’re still short on cash despite the discounted prices of used appliances, you can get an appliance loan.

Secondhand doesn’t always mean second-rate

There’s a different feeling that comes from unboxing newly-purchased products; and, truth be told, there are items that are better off not bought from a thrift shop. So, in case you can’t find a secondhand variety of the product you need and have no choice but to buy a new one, you can always turn to Cashalo for fast cash needs. Apply today, and you can get your loan within 24 hours of approval.

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